Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Health Goals

    Last year I accomplished very much as far as health. After I changed my thought process from "I wanna lose weight to fit into a certain size, be skinny, be hotter, etc." to "I want to be healthy" I was able to commit to investing into my health. I lost 30 pounds so far, something I had tried for a long time but never had the willpower to commit to.

    In addition to regular new years resolutions I have made a list of goals for my health I want to achieve this year. After spending my whole life in a unhealthy weight and lacking physical activity, there are a lot of things I haven't been able  to do that I'm excited to finally conquer. I've never in any way been athletic, but it's something that I want to be able to do some of. Here's my list as of now (may change throughout the year); 

- Be at 150 lbs. by my 16th Birthday Achieved!
    This is my longstanding goal, and I recently achieved it woohoo! I will no longer do weight goals since I'd rather focus on ability and how healthy I feel now that I'm in a healthy weight range. 

- Complete a Blogilates calender
     This girl posts workout videos and clean eating recipes, along with a monthly calender sorting out her videos into daily workouts. I haven't tried many of her videos but I'm already a big fan of her :) 

- Learn how to play Softball
    Ah yes, dreaded softball. Every year since I was 9 years old, I've struggled through softball at summer camp. I get really nervous to bat, because I know my abilities aren't that great. Every year someone tries to help me, but it's just overwhelming for me to learn all the techniques and parts of batting. This year I want to practice before hand, so I can at least LOOK like I know what I'm doing when standing at the base. 

- Do a push up
    My life long struggle of weak arms *SIGH*. When I was still short enough for monkey bars, I couldn't hold onto the handles for more than a few seconds. Lifting boxes? Nope. Doing a push-up? NEVER. I've decided its time that I finally accomplish this harder than it seems task. 

- Do a 3 minute plank
     I've been doing planks since I started working out, my highest is 2 minutes but that was after a rage fueled (caused by failed Algebra test after studying for HOURS) workout that I ripped through. I usually can do 1 to 1 1/2 minute planks, so by the end of this year I want to be able to do a 3 minute plank, which ya know, is like 3 hours in plank time. 

- Physical Therapy
    Back in June I dislocated my knee (Actually it was the patella A.K.A. knee cap but I don't want everyone to be confused on what the heck I'm talking about) and I've been given physical therapy I was supposed to be finished with in August (I think?). Well, I'm still not where I should be with it due to my inconsistency and this is what is preventing me from doing a larger variety of workouts. 

- Get a booty
    My butt is flat. I don't want a flat butt anymore. 

- Rock climb at Summer camp
    This is another one that relates to my summer camp fears and weak arms. The only time I've tried a rock climbing wall was when I was probably 7 years old, got a few feet up, freaked out, wasted my parents money, and never did it again. I've never attempted the rock walls at camp, but I've decided this is the year I finally do it. Yolo. 
(Also, I apologize  for using yolo)

I'll constantly be re-accessing, adding, and adjusting these as the year goes on, but this is it for now and I wish everyone a healthy and happy year :) 

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