Monday, December 30, 2013

My hopes for 2014...

- To continue to learn from my mistakes
- Go to more concerts
- Write more
- Become healthier 
- Create, create, create
- Fully enjoy more great music
- Get through the inevitable hard days
- Live in the now.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Arizona Tea Flowers

Arizona tea is one of those things that once you try it you want it all the time. There's nothing better than walking into a gas station during the summer and seeing that display of colorful cans just like all the hipster photos I see online (Example). I saved a can a while ago after seeing a few projects using the tin cylinders, rinsed it out and tossed it into the dark abyss called my closet. But this weekend I finally got around actually using my treasured piece of patterned metal, something I could wear made it about ten times better.

Via Pinterest I found this tutorial and it sat in my "Jewelry" board for longer than the empty can sat in my closet; So, a long time. There aren't many written steps but the abstract design of making a flower doesn't require much more than the pictures given. Mine isn't as good as hers but I really think that because its flower shaped it still looks great even if its not as clean cut as the example.

With the addition of hot glue, a small piece of felt, and a clip I made it into a hair clip. 

For me it just screams summer, and reminds me of lots of nice stress free moments and fun events (Concerts and a camping trip are included in that c: ).

-- Shea --

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Favorite Songs of 2013

Oh, the great music each year brings.
The songs I play on repeat for days or weeks.
The songs I tell no one about. (*cough* OneDirection *cough*)
The songs I hear in concert and yell the lyrics with a grin on my face.
The ones that get me through the hardest days.
The ones that are musts for dance parties by myself.
Each song becomes my own personal sound track, and here's the biggest ones for me from 2013.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Make a Check Mark on My Wish List

I make my wishlist way far ahead of time. My mother has been known to go shopping as early as August in effort to get sales and find thing we will truly enjoy. My wishlist was narrowed down to five things this year, but two became unavailable so this is whats still on it!

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask: $15.50 (Availableat The Body Shop in store or online)
- I have tried this before in the small one use packet and loved it, by far my favorite facial mask I've tried

2. Baking Date Socks: $14.99 (Available at ModCloth
- Perf to pair with flats and skirt, I can just imagine the winter cuteness now. 

3. Glamour Kills Lost and Found shirt: $18.90 (Available on evo)
- Been wanting this for a long time, in fact it was on my wishlist last year and Idec how extremely hipster it is

4. Cosmetics and nail polish
- Because when is it not a good idea to get new beauty products.

(((Title from "Wishlist" by The Ready Set)))

Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Bucket List

1. Paint nails for Halloween
2. Make a fall playlist
3. Wear a beanie 
4. Make a fall food
5. Do a fall/Halloween craft
6. Drink lots of warm drinks
7. Go for walks 
8. Go to a Halloween party 
9. Decorate for fall
10. Buy Halloween Oreo's



Monday, September 9, 2013

Shake Your Skeletons (Skeleton T-Shirt DIY)

    This project was a must for my recent skeleton obsession. An obsession I fully blame on the bands The Maine, This Century (The title is a song from them), and my favorite YouTuber Grav3yardgirl. I came across it on Pinterest and changed the directions somewhat to be accomplished with the tools I had on hand.
    (The original tutorial is here) Lacking the professional crafting tools of Martha Stewart, I do not have a rotary cutter or anything similar. Well, unless you count a pizza cutter which DOES look quite similar. I printed out the handy dandy template and cut out the paper stencil with an exacto knife and scissors then tracing it to the shirt with pencil. 

    Then I simply cut out the shapes from the shirt with sharp scissors. Be aware that if you try to use a tank top or low cut shirts for underneath it could be too low of a neckline so there's part of the cut outs that don't
have the black backing. My shirt turned out kind of off centered which was just because of my lack of common sense when tracing but its not very noticeable. 
    A comment on the pin I found this project from mentioned doing it on dresses, which I think would be an awesome idea of I found a cotton dress suitable for this design. Can be used for wearing everyday or a Halloween costume with the addition of skeleton face makeup!

-- Shea --

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Color of Love

Maybe its her red flushed cheeks after a compliment,
Maybe its the red in his face during a fight that they know won't matter tomorrow.
Or the blue of the tears dripping from her eyes,
and the blue of her varnished fingernails as they graze his cheek.
It could be the white of her dress on that one special day,
possibly the black of his funeral after a life spent together.
But to her, the color of love was always to be the speckled green of his eyes.

- Shea.M.  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Remembering the Summer...

   Well, today has started a new school year. High hopes of it being better than last year (which involved over thirty overdue lessons and almost failing multiple classes. Oops.) But this summer was amazing. Most summers are o k, camp every year and maybe one other trip but other than that just a whole lot of boring nothingness. But this year I got to do so much and I've learned a lot about myself through the experiences.

Friday, July 19, 2013

San Diego Trip

Hey hey! I just got back from a trip to San Diego, California. It was fantastic, especially since I hadn't been there for quite a few years.

- Our hotel room view-

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Welcome to my blog!
This blog will be a mish-mash of multiple things. Beauty tutorials, crafts, things going on in my life, and lots more. The blogs name was inspired by a song by The Main called "Like We Did [Windows Down]". You can find me on Instagram, Pinterest, Polyvore, and Ask.Fm.  I'm hoping this will be fun and you'll all enjoy it c:

-- Shea --