Monday, September 9, 2013

Shake Your Skeletons (Skeleton T-Shirt DIY)

    This project was a must for my recent skeleton obsession. An obsession I fully blame on the bands The Maine, This Century (The title is a song from them), and my favorite YouTuber Grav3yardgirl. I came across it on Pinterest and changed the directions somewhat to be accomplished with the tools I had on hand.
    (The original tutorial is here) Lacking the professional crafting tools of Martha Stewart, I do not have a rotary cutter or anything similar. Well, unless you count a pizza cutter which DOES look quite similar. I printed out the handy dandy template and cut out the paper stencil with an exacto knife and scissors then tracing it to the shirt with pencil. 

    Then I simply cut out the shapes from the shirt with sharp scissors. Be aware that if you try to use a tank top or low cut shirts for underneath it could be too low of a neckline so there's part of the cut outs that don't
have the black backing. My shirt turned out kind of off centered which was just because of my lack of common sense when tracing but its not very noticeable. 
    A comment on the pin I found this project from mentioned doing it on dresses, which I think would be an awesome idea of I found a cotton dress suitable for this design. Can be used for wearing everyday or a Halloween costume with the addition of skeleton face makeup!

-- Shea --

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