Thursday, December 26, 2013

Favorite Songs of 2013

Oh, the great music each year brings.
The songs I play on repeat for days or weeks.
The songs I tell no one about. (*cough* OneDirection *cough*)
The songs I hear in concert and yell the lyrics with a grin on my face.
The ones that get me through the hardest days.
The ones that are musts for dance parties by myself.
Each song becomes my own personal sound track, and here's the biggest ones for me from 2013.

1. "Hopeful Romantic" - This Century
Don't stop me from dreaming

2. "We All Roll Along" - The Maine
Eighty One Twenty Three means everything to me. 

3. "Get Over it" - Late Nite Reading
Now I'm finally waking up to the thought of moving on. 

4. "Never Alone" - Brighten
Have no fear my dear, you will never be alone. 

5. "Misery" - The Maine
Stay away sweet misery. 

6. "Rock Me" - One Direction
I used to think that I was better alone. Why did I ever want to let you go?

7. "Lonely Girl" - Tonight Alive
Tell me how it feels to watch your friends give up. 

8. "The Story You Should Tell" - Nick Santino
You got your lover and your friends, you've got that heart inside your chest. 

9. "Held Her a Little Too Tight" - Austin Gibbs
And yes, I held her a little too tight. 

10. "Like We Used To" - A Rocket To The Moon
Can you promise me if this was right; don't throw it all away?

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