Thursday, October 24, 2013

Make a Check Mark on My Wish List

I make my wishlist way far ahead of time. My mother has been known to go shopping as early as August in effort to get sales and find thing we will truly enjoy. My wishlist was narrowed down to five things this year, but two became unavailable so this is whats still on it!

1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask: $15.50 (Availableat The Body Shop in store or online)
- I have tried this before in the small one use packet and loved it, by far my favorite facial mask I've tried

2. Baking Date Socks: $14.99 (Available at ModCloth
- Perf to pair with flats and skirt, I can just imagine the winter cuteness now. 

3. Glamour Kills Lost and Found shirt: $18.90 (Available on evo)
- Been wanting this for a long time, in fact it was on my wishlist last year and Idec how extremely hipster it is

4. Cosmetics and nail polish
- Because when is it not a good idea to get new beauty products.

(((Title from "Wishlist" by The Ready Set)))

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