Friday, July 19, 2013

San Diego Trip

Hey hey! I just got back from a trip to San Diego, California. It was fantastic, especially since I hadn't been there for quite a few years.

- Our hotel room view-

- Fort Rosecran National Cemetery. It went on much farther than this. Very humbling experience and made me so very grateful for those who have served our country. -

- Great gelato we got at a small deli/restaurant. -
- Adorable Seals and Sea Lions we saw on a boat tour. -

- Frosted Robin Cupcakes A.K.A. what I have decided is the most adorable cupcake shop in existence. I got a chocolate fudge cupcake as well as a honey lavender macaron. -
- Music Note Henna -
- Had Panera Bread for the first time. The Mac&Cheese is amazing and I would love a giant bowl to eat while laying in bed. -

- Balboa Park Air and Space Museum. -
- Awesome tea shop we went to. -
- Vacation Purchases| Black flower hair clip, custom leather bracelets with "Darling, you'll be okay" on them from "Hold On Tilly May" by Pierce The Veil (One for me, one for my friend), and a tin of "Get Gorgeous" tea that supposedly will help clear up skin. As well as a black tulle skirt not pictured. 

- Some pretty much mandatory scenic pictures to finish it off.- 

-- Shea -- 

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